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Bias Incident Report

The Bias Incident Team takes allegations of bias discrimination, harassment, violence or criminal offense seriously and is committed to protecting the integrity of the reporting process. The content of the report will be kept private among the Bias Incident Team who represent administrative departments on campus. If appropriate the reporter may be referred to the Office of Equity and Diversity for assistance. Reports can me make anonymously, however submitting a report without contact information may impede the investigation.

GMU Retaliation Policy
The Office of Equity and Diversity Services (OEDS) investigates and resolves allegations of retaliation against individuals who have raised claims of discrimination based on the above factors or who have cooperated in an investigative process in some manner. Retaliation is a negative action taken against an individual as a result of a complaint being filed or after an individual has cooperated with an investigative process. Retaliation is prohibited whether or not the charging party prevails in the original charge. No agent, employee or student of the university may harass, coerce, intimidate, or discriminate against an individual who has filed an Equal Opportunity complaint or participated in the Equal Opportunity complaint resolution process. Charges of retaliation will be treated as separate and distinct from the original charges and allegations, and will be investigated by the OEDS. Those in a supervisory position must monitor the academic or work environment to ensure that it is free from retaliation. (Source: Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Grievance Procedure)

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